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Pay Attention To Early Warning Signs Of Hair Loss

- Thursday.January 05. 2023

Does your hair feel thinner when wet? Are you noticing increased beard and body hair, whisker hair around the ears and a lightened hair colour?

Pay attention to early warning signs of hair loss and maximise your treatment options

Having an awareness of the early warning signs of hair loss is invaluable for people wanting to maximise their treatment options, says leading hair restoration physician, Dr Jennifer Martinick.

Dr Martinick says increased beard growth, whisker hair around the ears and a lightened hair colour are all indications of an excess of the male hormone dihydrotesterone (DHT), the release of which initiates a process leading to the shrinking and eventual deterioration of the hair follicles.

“By the time most men begin to notice their hair loss, they have usually already lost 50 per cent of hair in the affected area of their scalp,” Dr Martinick says.

“It is much better to recognise the early signs of hair loss than simply waiting to see the visible results of it.

“Talk to us at Martinick Hair Restoration and, after a diagnosis of the cause of hair loss, we’ll advise on a treatment plan that is right for your current stage of hair loss.”

Hair transplantation represents the only clinically proven natural solution to permanently regrow your own hair.   Other treatments such as clinically proven medications, topical solutions and laser therapy can slow down hair loss and non-surgical wigs can conceal hair loss, however they will not permanently regrow your hair.

Transplantation offers a permanent solution to hair loss because the transplanted hair is resistant to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone which causes hair loss.

Dr Martinick says when researching treatment providers it’s important to distinguish between clinics that provide surgical hair restoration and non-surgical hair replacement.

“Non surgical hair replacement, which involves attaching a hair piece, wig or toupee, offers the instant enhancement of a fuller looking head of hair.

“This is not a permanent solution, it demands ongoing visits to the salon for upkeep and reattachment of the hair piece and is more expensive in the long run than hair transplantation.

“Transplanted hair grows just as your own hair does. You can style it, wash it, play sport and swim just as you would your own hair. “

Noted for the highest achievable outcomes in hair restoration, the Martinick Technique ™ is the recognised Gold Standard in permanent, natural and undetectable hair restoration.


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