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Permanent and Natural Hair Transplantation with The Martinick Technique™

- Monday.October 31. 2022

Permanent and Natural Hair Transplantation with The Martinick Technique™

When obtaining a natural looking hair transplant, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) performed with the right surgical hands achieves outstanding results.

As a pioneer of modern hair transplantation, Martinick Hair Restoration is a renowned leader in permanent, natural and undetectable hair transplantation.

Sporting and media personalities are among the many Australian men and women from all walks of life who seek hair transplants performed according to the principles of the Martinick Technique™.

Our valued patients delight that even their hairdressers are astounded when they tell them they’ve had a hair transplant.

And, while our natural looking hair transplants are often our patients’ best kept secret, many of our patients choose to share their stories. Among these patients is celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown who spoke in this episode of Skinfluence on Nova Podcasts about his decision to have a hair transplant.

Michael says, “This episode of Skinfluence meant the world to me…

To have my Hair Restoration surgeon, Dr Sara Kotai from @thebaymedispa, as a guest talking all things Hair Transplants with @alishabhojwani_ and I was just amazing! 7 years later and I’m still blown away by my personal procedure, having a hairline, from what I had, is just amazing!”

“This episode dives deep into my personal experience, plus the medical side of hair loss – male and female – and hopefully all questions are answered into your options when it comes to treatment for balding.

Big thank you again to Dr Sara and the team at @martinickhair for my amazing results! This is a great listen! *All pics are during my personal experience!” says Michael.

Watch the Instagram reel here.


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