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2023 Hair Restoration Price Update

- Tuesday.November 29. 2022

2023 Hair Restoration Price Update

Interested in booking your procedure?

Book before 15 Feb 2023 and beat the new year price increase.

If you’re making a new year’s resolution to finally do something about your hair loss, now is the ideal time to book a review or consultation with Dr Sara Kotai at our Double Bay Sydney clinic.

The cost of our hair transplant procedures will rise in 2023. But we’re freezing prices as they are for six months for everyone who books, subject to availability before 15 February 2023.

If you’ve looked into treatments with us before, you’ll probably know our prices are slightly higher than most. But that reflects the quality of care you’ll receive and the hair transplant expertise you’ll benefit from having our doctors perform your hair transplant procedure.

We’re committed to delivering superior hair transplants that are natural and completely undetectable, giving you a positive patient experience and results that’ll bring your confidence back. Why receive inferior treatments and products elsewhere? Choose one of the world’s safest, most reliable, and most professional hair restoration clinics for your hair transplant.

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